Introducing Myself

Hello. I’ve started this blog to share some of the things I’ve been through, and to process my thoughts and emotions. Writing has always had the power to heal for me, and it’s my chosen form of self-expression. I’ve often wished I had the talent to sing or create music or art, or at least to be able to write poetically. Music, art, and poetry have the ability to not just describe emotion, but to actually import it right into your soul. It’s the difference between sympathy and empathy, between understanding an emotion and experiencing it, feeling it, as though you were going through it yourself.

Unfortunately, I was not born with that talent. My talent is to write in a direct and detailed way, which although perhaps not as immediate in its ability to convey emotion, I hope still gets to the root of experience in a way that others can relate to. I have the benefit of writing about what you might call “life” and “the human experience” (or at least my slice of it) in this blog, which shouldn’t be as dry and formal as the copious academic essays that honed my skill.

Unlike other blogs I’ve started in the past, this one has no specific purpose or theme. It will mainly function a bit like a diary, somewhere I can share my thoughts and some stories from my life. You may be wondering, if I’m just going to use it as a diary, why did I pay $48+ a year to put it online with WordPress? (Maybe you weren’t wondering that, but I certainly was). Although there is a certain amount of catharsis in pouring out the thoughts in your head into a journal and then locking it away, I think sharing those thoughts at some point is important to me. Everyone knows that bottling up emotions and pushing them down isn’t healthy, but people rarely talk about the flip side of this, which is how healing it can be to share.

I’m planning on writing about my experiences with love and heartbreak, trauma and healing, grief and loss, sex and intimacy, friendship and loneliness, mental health and depression, and self-care and self-love. Some of these things are harder to talk about than others, but my therapist has reiterated to me over and over again how important speaking out and sharing my story is in the healing process. If I am the only one I help in writing this, it will be worth it. But my hope is that others will be able to connect with my story, and if they have been through something similar they will see they are not alone. Songs, poems, and art are all made to be shared, and although my medium is different, my starting place is the same: a need to express myself and connect to others.

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